Monday, April 30, 2007


My Pet Virus - Shawn Decker

My pet virus - Shawn Decker - autobiography. Shawn Decker has hemophilia and while being treated for various bleeds with blood products he was infected with two hepatitus viruses and HIV. Yes, it sucks and is unfair. Yes, there was school district discrimination and lots of community muttering. Shawn Decker shows us his own personal totally human way through the years. It is easy for disconnected adults to say that an HIV+ person (positoid!) should inform all partners about the HIV status and it another for a teenager to determind the point where a potential or active girlfriend needs to know.

It's a sad and amusing tale and I laughed very hard at the pictures...mostly because the clothing and hairstyles reminded me strongly of my youth. This is no preachy or maudlin tale. It is a book of regular life with a positoid view.

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